The Council has two prizes within its gift, which are normally awarded annually.
The prize nominaiton proceedure can be found here

British Vacuum Council Senior Prize

Each year the Council seeks nominations for the British Vacuum Council Senior Prize, with which is associated the John Yarwood Memorial Medal. The prize is awarded for distinguished contributions to British scientific research in the fields of vacuum science, surface science, thin films or any related topic in which vacuum science and engineering play an important role.

The John Yarwood Memorial Medal, established to honour the memory of Professor John Yarwood (an international figure in the field of vacuum physics and a founder member of the British Vacuum Council).

The prize winner may be invited to deliver the BVC Annual Address at a suitable conference or meeting.

British Vacuum Council Junior Prize

The Council seeks to encourage scientists and engineers in the early stages of their careers who carry out outstanding work in the field of vacuum science, surface science, thin films, or any related topic in which vacuum science and engineering play in important role.

Nominees should be within ten years of receiving their first degree at the end of the calendar year in which the nomination is made. Awards may be made to non graduates whom the prize committee considers to be at an equivalent stage of their career. Candidates should normally be resident in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland

Prize winners are awarded the Junior Prize which comprises the C R Burch Prize and the BVC Medal.

Prize Nomination Procedure

To nominate an individual for either of the above awards, please complete the nomination form opposite. The completed form will be sent to the current BVC secretariat.

Note that nomination can be done at any time and nominations will be considered at the next meeting of the Prize Committee. Prize Committee meetings are scheduled in the February of the year of the award to ensure that awards can be made at conferences in the year of the award. The Prize Committee will be appointed by the BVC and the decision of the judges shall be final: no correspondence can be entered into regarding the decisions of the Committee.

Past recipients of these prizes, together with presenters of the annual address, can be viewed below.

Senior Prize Winners

Recipients of the BVC Senior Prize and John Yarwood Medal

YearAward Recipient
2018Dr William Allison
2017Prof. Morgan Alexander
2016Prof. Martin Castell
2015Prof. John Colligon
2014Prof. Geoffrey Thornton
2013Prof. Richard Palmer
2012No Prize Awarded
2011Prof. Peter Weightman
2010No Prize Awarded
2009Prof. John Watts
2008Prof. Chris McConville

Junior Prize Winners

Recipients of the BVC Junior Prize and the BVC Medal and C R Burch Award

YearAward Recipient
2014No Prize Awarded
2013Dr Philip King
2012No Prize Awarded
2011Dr Felicia Green & Dr Peter Carrington
2010No Prize Awarded
2009Dr Timothy David Veal

Previous Awards

The prizes were reconstituted in 2007, below are the previous winners of the BVC Medal and Prize, John Yarwood Medal and the C R Burch Prize
YearRecipients of the BVC Medal and PrizePrevious winners of the John Yarwood MedalPrevious winners of the C R Burch Prize
2008No prize awarded
2007No prize awarded
2006No prize awarded
2005Professor Richard LambertDr Gavin Bell
2004Professor Ian BoydNo prize awarded
2003No prize awardedNo prize awarded
2002No prize awardedNo prize awarded
2001No prize awardedNo prize awarded
2000Professor Michael BowkerDr Mike Lee
1999Professor M Wyn RobertsProfessor M Wyn RobertsDr Christopher Baddeley & Dr Philip Moriaty
1998Professor David Phillip WoodruffProfessor D Philip WoodruffNo prize awarded
1997John Henry LeckDr Bo PerssonDr Stephen Patrick Wilks
1996Neville Vincent RichardsonProfessor Alex BradshawNo prize awarded
1995Martin Pengton SeahProfessor G MagaritondoDr Jas Pal Badyal
1994John Brian PendryProfessor D Wayne GoodmanDr Dermot Monaghan
1993Michael HitchmanProfessor L Shohet and Dr D E AspnesDr Robert Short
1992John PritchardDr John HawNo prize awarded
1991David Anthony KingDr Bruce Kay and Dr F van der VeenNo prize awarded
1990Martin PruttonDr Joachim RothDr T S Jones
1989John Cecil RiviereProfessor C T CampbellDr Karen Reeson & Dr Alfred Cerezo
1988Robin Hughes WilliamsDr Elaine McCash
1987No prize awarded
1986No prize awarded
1985No prize awarded
1984No prize awarded
1983Mr D C Peacock
1982No prize awarded
1981Mr David Kingham

Annual Address Speakers

YearSpeakerTopic (Where Recorded)
2005Professor Richard Lambert, University of CambridgeApplication of Surface Science to Heterogeneous Catalysis
2004Professor Ian Boyd, University College London
2003No annual address given
2002No annual address given
2001No annual address given
2000Professor Michael Bowker, University of Reading
1999Professor M Wyn Roberts, Cardiff University
1998Professor D Philip Woodruff, University of Warwick, UK
1997Dr Bo Persson
1996Professor Alex Bradshaw, Fritz-Haber-Institute, BerlinMolecules on Metal Surfaces: Structure and Bonding
1995Professor G Magaritondo, EPFL LausannePhotoelectron Spectromicroscopy with Ultra-bright Synchrotron Radiation
1994Professor D Wayne Goodman, Texas A&M University
1993Professor L Shohet, Madison-Wisconsin &
Dr D E Aspnes, North Carolina State University
Recent Progress in Plasma-Aided Manufacturing
Real-time Optical Diagnostics for Epitaxial Growth
1992Dr John Haw, Texas A&M University
1991Dr Bruce Kay,Sandia Laboratories, New Mexico &
Dr F van der Veen, Philips Research Laboratories, Eindhoven
1990Dr Joachim Roth, Max-Planck Institt fr Plasmaphysik, Garching
1989Professor C T Campbell, University of IndianaStudies of Catalytic Kinetics and Mechanisms Over Well-Defined Model Catalysts Based Upon Single Crystal Surfaces
1988Professor T Madey, NBS Washington, DCElectron and Photon Stimulated Desorption of Ions From Surfaces: Benefits and Pitfalls
1987Professor R J Madix, Stanford UniversityReaction Kinetics and Dynamics at Surfaces
1986Dr H Biederman, Charles University, PraguePolymer Films Prepared by Plasma Polymerization and Their Potential Application
1985Dr R Tait, SERC DaresburyElectrons, Photons and Ions at Daresbury
1984Dr E Kay, IBM San JoseThe Role of Ion Laser-Induced Processing in Contemporary Dry Processing Techniques
1983Dr A Luntz, IBM San JoseLaser Probes of Molecular-Surface Dynamics
1982Sir Alec Merrison,Vice-Chancellor, University of BristolScience and Technology: Is There a Difference?
1981Dr J T Yates,NBS Washington, DCStructural Factors in Chemisorption and Heterogeneous Catalysis
1980R N Jackson, Philips Research Laboratories, RedhillTelevision: the Widening Horizon
1979Sir Arthur Vick, Vice-Chancellor, Queen’s University of BelfastPhysics in Education
1978Dr D Eckhardt, Culham LaboratoryThe Vacuum System of the Proposed JET Experiment
1977Professor G Carter, University of SalfordThe Interaction Between Atomic Collisions in Solids and Vacuum
1976Professor BoydStudies in Nature’s Most Abundant Vacuum
1975Dr E Jones, CERN, GenevaThe Design and Production of UHV Chambers, with particular reference to the CERN ISR
1974No annual address given
1973Professor Tedford, University of StrathclydeVacuum Insulation in the Service of Industry
1972No annual address given
1971Mr K C Barraclough, Firth Brown LtdVacuum Technology in Steel Making
1970Dr L Holland, Edwards High VacuumA Review of Some Recent Vacuum Studies